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>The answer to your question is that a beam shield would bash someone real
>The beam shield, like the blade of a beam saber, is a sheet of superheated
>plasma, sandwiched between planar I-fields projected from the hub, so I'd
>expect that it would act like a white-hot griddle wherever it presses
>against the opponent.

        Heh! The image of an MS getting grilled by a beam shield is really
too much for me.. LOL!

>As Mark notes in his treatise on beam weaponry, the edges of the beam
>shield are just as deadly as the beam saber on whose technology the shields
>are based, so much so that sections of the shield must be deactivated to
>keep it from lopping limbs off the MS.

        So, is the shield really safe for MSes to use? If a shield portion
drops just as the shot comes in, won't it defeats the purpose of having a
shield at all?

        Furthermore, does beam shields dissipates the kinetic energy of a
shot? If not, it's possible for an enemy to pump shots after shots into the
beam shield, hoping to push the shield to a position where the on-board
systems will deactivate the shield for fear of lopping off some limb.

        Some times, a good ole piece of armour works much better..

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