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What exactly is this? Is this a pen and paper RPG book? I kinda figured
there was an RPG from some of the ads I see in Hobby Japan sometimes.
I'm assuming it's only available in japanese. So is it worth getting
this book or others like it if you can't read japanese?


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> This just in:
> Kodansha Game Special 164: Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story 0079 After the
> Colony Fell (Rise From The Ashes) Operation Guide (1999.9.17, Kodansha,
> ISBN4-06-343164-9) 114 pages (98 color) for 1300.
> Contents are a 5-page Prologue (Battle in Australia), 12-page Character &
> Mechanics section, 8-page System Information (how to pilot your MS, basic
> strategy & tactics), 44-page Operation Manual (Stage 01~09 briefings, how
> to score points & premiums), 16-page One Year War Military Report (UC
> history & MS development) and 16-page Principality of Zeon Secret Service
> Military File (B&W Zeon battle plan, essentially more UC history, with
> emphasis on the Zeon campaign: One Week War, battle of Loum, and the Earth
> invasion).
> The characters are, of course, the White Dingo Team. They're led by
> Stanley Hawkins, who bears a striking resemblace to ST:TNG's Jean Luc
> Picard. The three MS pilots are Master Pierce Rayer ("Fang 1"), Leung
> Lee-Fai ("Fang-2") and Maximilian Berger ("Fang 3"). Max is the youngest
> and, so we're told, a fan of a radio DJ named Jacqueline. There's also a
> female White Dingo, the Asian-looking Anita Julianne ("Oasis"), sonar
> operator of a hover track that appears to be identical to the T74 seen in
> 08th MS Team. There's also a non-player character named Bob Rock, the
> resident MS mechanic, whose advise the player is told to heed. On the Zeon
> side, we meet Visch Donahue, the one-eyed MS pilot, and his commander,
> Walter Curtiss, who apparently heads the Zeon forces in Australia.
> Weapons and vehicles include the RGM-79 GM, RGC-80 GM-Cannon, RGM-79SP GN
> Sniper Custom II, RX-77D Guncannon (the Gundam 0080 retcon -- will we ever
> see a model kit of this?), MS-07B Gouf (given later, int he Stage 04
> briefing, as Gofu), MS-06J Zaku II, MS-09 Dom, MSM-03 Goog [sic] (later, in
> the Stage 05 briefing, it's given as Gog, but with the model number
> MSM-04), MS-14G Gelgoog, Hover Track "Oasis", Type-61 Tank, MAX-03 Adzam,
> Gallop, Magella-Attack (given later, in the Stage 01 briefing, as
> Mazela-Atack), Gaw, Jet Core-Booster (an atmospheric CB), FF-6 TIN Cod,
> Dopp, Fly Manta, Medea, Gunship Heli (this is the new helicopter seen in
> 08th MS Team), Rynosalas [sic] Type-A & Type-B (an original mecha for the
> game, the Rhinoceros is apparently a Zeon landship), Jukon [sic] submarine
> and Tochka (another game original, a conrete pillbox with a twin-cannon
> turret).
> Although not listed on the mecha section, you can apparently go up against
> the MS-06S Zaku II and MS-06K Zaku-Cannon, piloted by Visch Donahue, and
> take a run in a simulator piloting the RX-78 Gundam, RX-77-2 Guncannon or
> RX-75-4 Guntank.
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