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> It was said in SHO that the "new characters" will be
> appearing in SRWA... does that refer to Beretta and Ingram

    Not that I know of, just the "your character" would be there again, just
like 4SRW and SRWF, and that Macross, Macross Plus and Gaint Robo would be
in the game also. I just know that there might be additional characters and
stages in the Dreamcast version (that version would be released later, and
that it will be in polygon instead of the usually anime style attack

> Brisken? By the way, can you give me more info about the role of
Beretta/Ingram in the story? There's a text in the original soundtrack
manual, but it's in Japanese. ^^;

    Nope. Cannot help you there.....

> Wow... I'll be looking forward to it then. I just hope
> Ultraman Tiga, Dyna, Gaia, and Agul will be included. But I wonder if they
will replace G Gundam and Gundam W? They should include Kamen Rider and
sentai teams there don't you think? ^_^

    Cannot help you there....
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