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At 06:24 PM 10/23/99 , Master Asia wrote:
>Oh crap!! this is what I really didn't want to happen! if you've paid
>attention to some of my thoughts about this series its mostly negative,
>Sure its started out OK and -bla bla bla I don't wanna repeat myself but
>fear that the ML will soon be all or close to all GW talk NOOOOOOO!
>Why could they translate something else? Anything but Wing!
>Well I guess I'm just over exaggerating but wing just isn't my thing, I
>feel comfortable watching such a "re-vamped series" like wing.
>Originality is
>what I like... yes even X.

1. They want something broadcast (need lots of episodes, 49+3 for W, 39
for X).
2. Gundam Wing is the only modern series that isn't too goofy. (Out goes
3. They apparently sold Gundam Wing to Cartoon Network.
4. Gundam Wing has their own ML. Newbie will probably flock there. The
non-anime watcher who will be watching Cartoon Network version (There is
no way in hell this show isn't going to be edited for content. That
whole bit about the Lake Victoria OZ military academy's dormitory getting
blown up isn't going to fly in the post Colombine era).
5. Calm down.

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