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>"It *is* a porn cartoon, [garrick]. It plays on the
>Japanese obsession with school girls. They even have
>school girl underwear dispensers in some parts of
>Japan and Hong Kong."
>maybe there was humor intended in that post, but it
>zoomed over my head. how do you respond to that kind
>of accusation?
>the disgruntled

I heard the same rumour years ago when my anime club was still together.
Personally, I think it falls into the "better not to think about it" category.

The most significant American misconception of anime is that it's a *genre*
in and of itself, not a just a general form of media. Most of my friends
understand this, but may people see at some sort ultraviolent porn.
Likewise, Gundam faces existing assumptions of genre. Americans have set
preconceptions about the "Robotech Genre" and the "Voltron Genre", and
can't work the idea of a war drama into their perception of giant robots.
Unfortunately, Americans also seem immune to evidence that anime is much
more diverse. I'm not sure if there is any clear solution, aside from
perhaps a golf club to the hear.


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