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><< Well, there is a portion of my anime collection that I have fondly named
> "Japornimation." >>
>But, the average Joe usually thinks that all anime is porn, which it isn't.
>Yes, it exists, but the average person(non anime fan) doesn't relize that
>most anime is not that bad, see what I mean? Its like up to part 9, but the
>anime magazine Protoculture Addicts has an on going column on how to have a
>discussion about anime with a non anime fan. The made up person they have
>that's aganist anime, has only seen the porn anime, and doesn't know and will
>not accept, that not all anime is porn. Now, if a person in the Media, in ths
>US, thinks this way, all heck breaks loose, if the reporter declares that all
>anime is porn...

In my neighborhood its kinda like that but you have to know, Teenagers are
perverts (except me of course):

Me: Did you see that new anime?

Them: The one with the monsters raping girls?

Me: umm.... no

Them: The one with tentacles raping girls?

Me: umm.... no

Them: The one with aliens raping girls?

Me: umm... no

Well, you get the picture.....

- Roger


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