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>Now I know with Turn A Gundam's "popularity" on the list, most of you won't
>touch the models with a ten foot pole.

Hmm, and I thought I was in the minority because it seemed everyone loved it.

>But for the rest of you I mustwarn
>you not to get the 1/100 Sumo. The model is designed horribly. It is
>incredibly flopp and it can't stay in any poses.

How can that be? Wasn't Syd a genius designer whose industrial design
background led to major credibility in mechanical design, thus the kit
shouldn't suck like this?

<that was meant to be sarcastic, in case you are humor impaired>

>I am a fairly advanced
>modeler so don't start thinking that I put it together shabbily. The legs
>are horrible. The thighs are connected to the lower legs solely by the back
>of the knee pad,


>there is know knee block like we are all used to.

Well, Tomino did want to stir things up with Turn A...

>And the
>shoulders are a joke too. The arms are connected to the shoulders by fitting
>in a plastic C shaped piece of armor which then tries to squeeze inside the

Wait until they do away with polycaps all together. ;) These pricy kits
aren't labeled HG for a damn good reason, ya know.

>I actually like Turn A Gundam the show and the robot designs,
>but this model is horrible, truly horrible. It's a shame too, since the Sumo
>is an interesting looking robot.

They are probably doing horrible kits on purpose so as to leave room for
Turn A toys (the Nano Chogokin is out already, with a larger, fully colored
chogokin toy for 7,800 yen on the way, and perhaps MG kits a few years down
the road - YEAH RIGHT!)


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