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>The beam shield, like the blade of a beam saber, is a sheet of superheated
>plasma, sandwiched between planar I-fields projected from the hub, so I'd
>expect that it would act like a white-hot griddle wherever it presses
>against the opponent.
>As Mark notes in his treatise on beam weaponry, the edges of the beam
>shield are just as deadly as the beam saber on whose technology the shields
>are based, so much so that sections of the shield must be deactivated to
>keep it from lopping limbs off the MS.
>Shield edges and the push of the shield body have long been an offensive
>tactic using what is generally thought of as a defensive device and I see
>no reason why a beam shield wouldn't be used the same way.
>And let's not forget the beam rotor, which is essentially four beam sabers
>joined at the hilt and spun. It can be used like an incandescent buzz-saw.

Yes, I suppose that it does contribute at least some damage...would the
idea of pinpoint damage work in this case...a shield will only scorch at
flat side, because of dissipation of the concentration of attack, while the
edge becomes deadly because of smaller area off attack and same amount of
energy flowing through?

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