Sat, 23 Oct 1999 15:25:40 EDT

Now I know with Turn A Gundam's "popularity" on the list, most of you won't
touch the models with a ten foot pole. But for the rest of you I mustwarn
you not to get the 1/100 Sumo. The model is designed horribly. It is
incredibly flopp and it can't stay in any poses. I am a fairly advanced
modeler so don't start thinking that I put it together shabbily. The legs
are horrible. The thighs are connected to the lower legs solely by the back
of the knee pad, there is know knee block like we are all used to. And the
shoulders are a joke too. The arms are connected to the shoulders by fitting
in a plastic C shaped piece of armor which then tries to squeeze inside the
shoulders. I actually like Turn A Gundam the show and the robot designs,
but this model is horrible, truly horrible. It's a shame too, since the Sumo
is an interesting looking robot.


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