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> 1) I heard that there is a new Super Robot Wars upcoming,
> is it the "Super Robot Wars Alpha" mentioned at the end credits of Super
Hero Operations?

    No, if you are counting other platform. The next one is actually SRW64
or something, which is for N64, and it is supposed to be released on 10/29.
The most special thing about this one is that you can actually have several
units attack at once (I saw a picture with three Mazinger robots doing an
attack), and that when lovers are next to each other, their stats would
increase somewhat. It seems that there would be an original character
(yourself) and a rival, and that it can be linked to Wonderswan or something
to boost the pilot's level. If you are just counting PS, then the next one
is SRWA. It is the first SRW where you can turn off the attack sequences (a
real time saver....). It has a release date of winter, whenever that is....

> 2) Are there any news or even rumors of a sequel for
> Super Hero Operations? (Has anyone played this game,
> by the way?)

    I think there will be one, I am not sure (might be just confused with
the Dreamcast version)....
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