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> No, what I meant was the scenarios. You know, if I can skip the series
covered in the first game?

    Nope, you cannot, since the stages themselves are quite different.
Everybody had to do it, unless you use the PAR codes to skip it....

> Is the campaign mode the story mode of something? By the way, is Alenby
(and her Nobel) there too?

    The campaign mode is basically a stage for each alternate timeline
Gundam (G, W and X). There is also a quest demo for each of those stages.
Basically just a stage for those series....

> Perhaps it's both the copy and the PS. Like, it's having trouble loading
other games too. I can't even enjoy the battle scenes of Real Robots Battle
Line. I had to turn the action off so that it would load a lot (and I do
mean a lot) faster. The first GG game still works fine though...

    Might be your PS. My friend and I have no trouble loading all those
games (all original, of course....)

Edmund Chiu

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