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> If Gundam is popular enough there, having a name taken from a character
might actually turn out pretty cool. I dunno. But anyway, those things you
mentioned, exactly my reasons for wanting to live in Japan. I could be
wrong, but is it true that in Japan you could dress, wear your hair, color
your hair, do anything to yourself, and the people wouldn't make such a big
deal of it? If so, that's my kinda place ^_^
>Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

I dunno...i reacted differently to bieng teased...basically, I just ignored
it and if they got too noisy, I kicked them where it really hurts. Since I
had a history for being quiet, teachers were always on my side. and most
other people.

Of course, that changed in late high school then I had learned
some martial arts and a bit of a nasty wit.

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