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Sat, 23 Oct 1999 06:56:04 +0800

Nope. DOn't think that's right... the heat rod of the TallGeese III & Epyon
really heats itself and it's not a beam weapon... in the GW TV series, you can
see how the Epyon heats itself up in Heero's first attempt to pilot it.

And you forgot to mention those heat rods of the Victory Gundam series... not
exactly heat rods, but like the Gouf, it delivers electric jolts but is much
more lethal since it can shut down the MS's operating system.

> Ok, another run down on these wacky weapon...
> Heat Rod of Gouf in Universal Century timeline delivers electric jolt,
> designed to overload electronics and capture hardware.
> Beam Strings (another misnomer) like the one equipped on the Mobile Armor in
> F91 is a series of flexible strings heated to be able to cut like the normal
> heated weapon.
> The Heat Rod of Gundam Epyon and Tallgeese III of After Colony timeline are
> really beam strings, except here they just call it heat rod.

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