Chris Beilby (
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 18:33:53 GMT

> >Congrats ! Well, suggestion for names :
> >
> >if male : Giren Zabi ( if u perfer Zeon ), Bright Noah ( if u prefer
> >Nation )
> >if female : Kycilia Zabi, Minerva or any other Zabis
> >
> >This is just a suggestion ok .
> >Once more Congrats !
> >
> Don't want to throw a damper on things, but given the way those
>all turned out, are you quite sure about naming the new arrival after
>Gundam characters?! ^_^
> Congratulations, though!
> And surely Char is the only possible choice for male? (or how
>about Bernie?) ^_^ (and how about Chris if female, she always seems to
>get overlooked in the list of great Gundam women... ^_^)
> >Alex
And then I have to throw still another damper on things:

Children can be cruel. Believe me, I know. I grew up constantly being
teased because I was intelligent, because I liked to read... Well, you get
the picture. While I would love to see Joaquin and Linette name their child
after a Gundam Character, I also know that, unless the name is from someone
with a reasonably normal and (forgive me if this sounds racist, but because
they live in the US...) American name, this probably should not be
considered as an option, unless they want to spend years comforting the
child when he or she is teased constantly, or even beaten up, because there
is something different about them... This is the sort of thing that caused
me to have to deal with years of counciling. The psychological traumas of
teasing and abuse by peer groups are just as bad as those from Parental
abuse, and we must not forget this...

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