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>> In a nutshell, Master Asia's motivation is that
>> he's an eco-freak.
>now that you mention it...that was shown when he was
>dying in domon's arms. but not in the rest of the
>episodes *before* that!

 Isn't it amazing how so much could be revealved in just
a few moments? Ahh... the magic of anime!

>anyway, it's doctor nikamura's jealousy that gives
>rise to the whole story, no?

 (Actually, that's "Mikamura") Yeah, that and Urube's thirst for power. ^^;

>i'm a bit muddled by this. didn't something
>(something bad) happen between master asia and domon's
>brother (who was riding the thing)? i remember
>domon's brother being sucked into the devil gundam,

 Kyouji tried to escape with the Ultimate Gundam because Major Urube Ishikawa (with Dr. Mikamura) was after it. This was the part wherein Domon's mom got killed and his dad captured. (By the way, the story of Super Hero Operations practically begins with this scenario ^_-)

>one final question for clarification -- what exactly
>happened to domon's brother? what did he have to do
>with schwarz broeder, the german fighter? i
>definitely wasn't paying attention to this episode.
>the odd mix of street-slang and poetic filipino
>dubbing didn't help any.

 The DG defeated Neo-Germany's Gundam Spiegel... after
this, Kyouji managed to replace the original Schwarz Brueder with a clone of himself made from DG Cells, probably to help Domon out.

>an addendum question: how do you rationalize all the
>supernatural kung-fu fighting style that every gundam
>fighter knows? what's up with that?

 That is basically nothing special in that world of reference. Let's just say, it isn't your usual realistic Gundam series.

>the mechs need to go though. the worst offenders, to
>me, were the nether, mermaid, matador, mandala gundam.
>the nobel was endearing in an odd way. (a mean femme
>mecha with a whip...oooh, kinky! no comments,

 That's actually a ribbon, not a whip. You know, the kind that gymnasts use? Come to think of it, the Nobel's weapons are gymnast-themed; Beam Hoop, Beam Ribbon, and
what was that other one again? Anyway, the Nobel Gundam is more than just endearing to me. She's lovely! ^^;

>i also figured that the ending would have been
>improved with rain's death -- instead of shooting
>straight outta the devil gundam like phlegm and into
>domon's waiting arms, maybe she should have died as
>she rips herself free from the devil gundam, which
>collapses in turn, as it's host is torn away. but
>that's just me. i dislike happy endings. :P

 Ha ha ha! Save that for GW... perhaps it would be better if GW ended up with Relena dead and Milliardo gone totally insane. ^^;

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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