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Garrick Lee asks,

>yes...why WASN'T there a synopsis?

  Patience, patience! I don't have all the time in the world to work on
the site, even now that I'm in freelancer mode. :-)

>anyway, wasn't g gundam supposed
>to be 51 episodes? we only got 49.

  That's all they made, so fret not.

>now that you mention it...that was shown when he was
>dying in domon's arms. but not in the rest of the
>episodes *before* that!

  That's (director) Imagawa for you. As you'll note from Giant Robo, he
loves these last-minute revelations that cast the entire preceding story
in a completely different light.

>now, this part escaped me. i don't remember it being
>specifically mentioned. i only remember it being a
>benevolent creation gone bad (as revealed by domon's
>brother). nothing about the ecological savior bit,
>nor the nanotech bit.

  Doctor Kasshu specifically intended for the Devil (nee Ultimate) Gundam
to be used to heal the Earth. Its powers, when kept under control, can be
used to restore and regenerate. It's just the conditions of its escape
and crashlanding on Earth that made it "forget" its true purpose and
become warped into a malevolent force.

>anyway, it's doctor nikamura's jealousy that gives
>rise to the whole story, no?

  Yep, thanks to his ratting out Doctor Kasshu to the military
authorities. Another classic Imagawa plot reversal...

>i'm a bit muddled by this. didn't something
>(something bad) happen between master asia and domon's
>brother (who was riding the thing)? i remember
>domon's brother being sucked into the devil gundam,

  Yep. When it crashed on Earth, the Devil Gundam turned on its pilot and
absorbed him outright. I don't remember the connection, if any, between
Kyoji Kasshu and Master Asia...

>one final question for clarification -- what exactly
>happened to domon's brother? what did he have to do
>with schwarz broeder, the german fighter? i
>definitely wasn't paying attention to this episode.
>the odd mix of street-slang and poetic filipino
>dubbing didn't help any.

  After Kyoji was absorbed by the Devil Gundam, he used his last smidgen
of free will to create an android stand-in (thanks to the Devil Gundam's
generative powers) to protect and guide his beloved brother. This
doppelganger Kyoji took the place of the real Neo German fighter - the
original Schwartz Brueder - and went looking for Domon, to help him
defeat the Devil Gundam and free the real Kyoji from zombie slavery (i.e.
by killing him).

  Given that "Schwartz Brueder" means "black brother," one could argue
that Domon should have guessed his mentor's true identity... :-)

>an addendum question: how do you rationalize all the
>supernatural kung-fu fighting style that every gundam
>fighter knows? what's up with that?

  Why rationalize? Maybe it's based on Minovsky physics. <grin>

>overall, i'd say the story was ok. i think richie
>said it -- it's kinda like those chinese shaolin
>sagas. the ecological leanings needed more
>clarification (but i just watched episode 1 again
>today, and that's where the detective complains about
>the gundam fights ruining the maybe i
>should watch g gundam again! and pay closer attention
>this time...).

  The ecological theme is in there all along, as well as sundry warnings
against militarism (as opposed to the resurgent nationalism of some other
anime creators I could name), a genuine romance rather than a tacked-on
love interest, and lots of spiffy kung-fu fighting. :-)

>the mechs need to go though. the worst offenders, to
>me, were the nether, mermaid, matador, mandala gundam.

  So sue me - I love the Mandala Gundam. Not to mention that it had a way
cool pilot!

>the presentation of g gundam would have been
>drastically improved by having only one gundam in the
>story -- the devil gundam, the value of which, would
>have been made more obvious by being the only gundam
>in the story.

  Like it or not, G Gundam kicked off the multi-Gundam style for the
alternate universe series. If Imagawa had been allowed to go with his
original "war orphan and his dog" kinda story, we might never had had
Gundam W or Gundam X...

>i also figured that the ending would have been
>improved with rain's death -- instead of shooting
>straight outta the devil gundam like phlegm and into
>domon's waiting arms, maybe she should have died as
>she rips herself free from the devil gundam, which
>collapses in turn, as it's host is torn away. but
>that's just me.

  I loved the ending. After all this super-technology and
world-destroying displays of power, the fate of humanity ultimately
hinges on whether Domon can bring himself to do right by the woman he
loves. After acting like a jerk to Rain for 48 episodes, our proud hero
has to get down on his knees, bawling like a baby, and beg for her
forgiveness. Makes all the other tacked-on romances of the Gundam saga -
typically of the meet-cute-and-die school - look like the puerile
imaginings of a morbid 14-year-old. :-)

-- Mark

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