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>> hmmm...Are these I-field barriers the predecessors of the
>> Beam shields?
>Yep. I-Field barrier generator has been around since OYW. It didn't become
>populiar with mobile suit due to its enormous energy and size requirement.
>Beam barriers and beam shield are later developement to solve this problem,
>and also solve I-Field Barrier's inability to stop non-beam range weapon.

hmmmm. That's interesting...i guess the ultimate version of this is in the
gaia gear stuff. I find the idea of beam shields romantic, though. I
remember using one in a fight in my RPG Mekton game...the edge has a nice
slashing capability to it...what I did was make a combination beam
shield/saber/gun bit system that would fly around my mecha. there were
about six of them, and boy, it was damn useful. I didn't up the power too
much for the beam gun system, but the beam saber use was deadly, like Luke
using the force to control his lightsaber in flight, and the beam shields,
well, I admit I copied the fin fannel idea, except that it acted more like
the pinpoint barrier in macross. I had to put limits though, like it had
to return to the main mecha to charge up again every so annoyed
the hell out of my coplayers, since it was a great way to distract them.
having a beam rifle and yet another beam saber at hand was useful too, as
well as a physical shield. my only drawback was that I couldn't use my
MS's generator to power the hand held stuff, relying on e-clips instead.
still it was great. my admi turned it into an NPC soon after he realized
how dangerous it was.

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