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Richard Ramos asks,

>hmmm...Are these I-field barriers the predecessors of the Beam shields?

  Yes and no... mostly no. Like beam shields, they're defensive barriers,
but there the resemblance ends. An I-field barrier uses a magnetic field
to form a super-dense shell of Minovsky particles around the mobile
suit/mobile armor in question, which can defelect incoming beam fire but
has no effect on missiles and shells (not to mention that beam weapons
can still be used within the shell, as demonstrated when the Gundam gets
in the Big Zam's face).

  Beam shields, and the Nu Gundam's unique beam barrier, are based on
beam saber technology. They generate a plane (or, in the Nu Gundam's
case, a many-sided polygon) of energy that is physically impermeable,
deflecting beam and physical weapons alike. The beam shield's energy
requirements, while high, are a lot less than those of an I-field
barrier. However, it's only effective in one direction - like a metal
shield - and it can be "collapsed" temporarily by a sufficiently powerful
beam blast.

-- Mark

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