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Fri, 22 Oct 1999 11:23:19 -0400

> They're probably contemporaries of Master Asia, i.e. in their forties
>or fifties, but that's just my guess.

> Oh, just steering the grand destiny of the human race from the shadows,
>guarding it from its own impulses towards self-destruction, stuff like
>that. As I recall, they've been doing this for thousands of years.

 So, Master Asia and the other members of the old SA aren't the first SA group? Just to be sure.

>they define their role pretty narrowly, and Master Asia broke with them
>for permitting decades of Gundam Fights to trash Earth's ecosystem almost
>beyond repair...

 Hmm... I do wonder about the origins of the Shuffle Alliance. Didn't the director give any details about this particular aspect of G Gundam?

>>3) Who's that king guy that appeared with Domon and
>> Rain's final Tenkyouken?

> Heh! I guess he's just the embodiment of the King of Heart role that
>Master Asia passed on to Domon.

 I wonder what the embodiments of the other Shuffle Badges would look like then... (imagine George and Alenby doing what Domon and Rain did... aww =D)

Just a thought, I wonder what would happen if Domon and
friends passed on their Shuffle titles to the GW boys...

Heero: "In King of Heart's name... I will kill you."

Duo: "I am the god of Death, Queen tha Spade!"

Wufei: "The Black Joker will determine justice!"

 These are the only ones I can think of, anyone got an
idea for Trowa and Quatre's? ^^;

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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