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>after watching from start to finish, i don't quite get
>what master asia's intentions were.

>if i understood master asia right, his real intention
>was to abolish the need for the gundam fights, which
>he viewed as destructive to earth and it's natural

 If I'm not mistaken, Master Asia wanted to use the DG to restore the Earth to it's natural beauty. Also, eliminating it's human inhabitants because they are the ones who are ruining the Earth. Master Asia wants to use the DG's real purpose... as we all know, the DG malfunctioned when it crashed to Earth. I think Master Asia knows that the Ultimate Gundam (aka DG) was actually meant for good, and he plans to use it to acheive that

>this much i gathered, while dommon and
>master asia were busy beating the crap out of each
>other everytime they meet, all the while calling each
>other a fool. (or at least they did, in the
>philippine dubbing. the word count of "hangal" in the
>whole series can probably run up to a couple of
>hundred times. eee!)

 Hmm... you know how censorship affects the actual dialogues. They could actually be cursing each other like in a usual shonen/mecha anime dialogue and here it would be reduced to lighter remarks such as "fool" or "darn"...
worse, sometimes they would just grunt or shout like what
they did in YYH (Ghost Fighter). I think Kurama bad mouthed Karasu when he touched his hair in the actual Japanese, but here, it was just "ugh!" or something ~_~;

>so, master asia's methods (the entire devil gundam
>escapade) were, for the most part, in agreement with
>wong's and urube's, who were really out to conquer the
>universe. did i get that right?

 Not really... Wong's intentions were to maintain his control of the universe for eternity. Urube wants to take control of everything just as badly, but he doesn't care what becomes of the Earth.

>only in the end did master asia realize his folly (or
>did he?) as he lay dying in the arms of dommon?

 I don't think he did...

>was master asia really out to kill dommon? it
>certainly seemed that way all throughout the series.
>but in the grand tournament in hong kong, master asia
>is seen rooting for his "student" (i thought the
>sensei bond was severed?) even through wong's
>unchivalrous methods. what is up with the guy? (and
>what's with master asia's coughing fits?)

 Ha ha ha! That was so funny! Whenever coughing would interrupt Master Asia's talking, Wong would just laugh at him ^^;

>what is their whole relationship about in the series?
>master asia would assault dommon brutally in a few
>shows (would even come close to killing rain early in
>the show), and suddenly teach dommon a new technique
>("stone breaking punch" ?) in another. what were
>master asia's intentions for dommon anyway? was that
>ever made clear? is it like a vader-luke
>relationship, where the master wants the student to
>join him in the dark side?

 Kinda like that at first, but Domon doesn't want to join him. With regards to the Tenkyouken technique, I think Master Asia was forced to teach it to Domon so they could get out of the underground cavern.

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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