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> Absolutely. And, like the Zeong and Zeon's psycommu mobile armors, the
>bulk of the psycommu system requires its host to be pretty huge. (The
>Qubeley is the first regular-sized mobile suit to have a true psycommu
>system.) The Psyco Gundam is really the Perfect Zeong in Gundam drag, to
>satisfy the aesthetic dictates of the Federation. (Which doesn't explain
>the Hizack...)

Yes, I think the Psyco Gundam by nature had to be large...but damn, I still
think the Ziong would have been a nastier opponent. As for the
Hizack...well, there's good drag, and there's bad drag...

> Yep. Partly this could be attributed to mere Psyco Gundam envy, but the
>Quin Mantha does sport a powerful I-field barrier system on a par with
>that of the Big Zam's - another large and power-hungry device. Some
>smaller mobile suits carry scaled-down I-field barriers, but these tend
>to be localized defenses - like that of the Ex-S Gundam, which only
>protects its cockpit.

hmmm...Are these I-field barriers the predecessors of the Beam shields?

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