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> Let's see. It's a prototype mobile suit (hence the "YMS" prefix),
>derived from the Dom and designed for artillery support. Like the MSM-10
>Zock, another design from the last days of the war, it's halfway evolved
>into a mobile armor rather than a mobile suit. Since the MS-16 model
>number was initially assigned to the Zeong, and subsequently reassigned
>to the Zammel after the Zeong's designation was changed to the MSN-02,
>its development actually began after that of the Zeong - and may well
>have lagged that of the MS-17 Galbaldy and MS-18E Kamepfer. It really is
>one of the last Zeon mobile suits.

hmmmm..anyway to modify an old dom suit to make it into this baby? or is
that plain and simple too much work?

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