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>Congrats ! Well, suggestion for names :
>if male : Giren Zabi ( if u perfer Zeon ), Bright Noah ( if u prefer United
>Nation )
>if female : Kycilia Zabi, Minerva or any other Zabis
>This is just a suggestion ok .
>Once more Congrats !
        Don't want to throw a damper on things, but given the way those
all turned out, are you quite sure about naming the new arrival after
Gundam characters?! ^_^
        Congratulations, though!
        And surely Char is the only possible choice for male? (or how
about Bernie?) ^_^ (and how about Chris if female, she always seems to
get overlooked in the list of great Gundam women... ^_^)
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>> Congrats! What are you going to name the baby? Amuro Rey if male?
>>hmm.. what about if it's female...

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