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--- Mark Simmons <> wrote:
> Let me do a quickie wrap-up on the recent spate of G
> Gundam puzzlers.
> Good practice for the long-threatened Gundam Project
> synopsis...

yes...why WASN'T there a synopsis? i actually had to
sit through all the slow parts of g gundam until the
very end. on second thought...that's a good thing.

> From your recap, it sounds like the translation
> you saw may have been a
> bit sloppy. Even my monkey-caliber grasp of spoken
> Japanese enabled me to
> make more sense of it than that. ;-)

heh. the filipino dubbing is erratic sometimes
(though the voice acting and fit are right on the
money). but i think it's my recap that's sloppy (as i
recall some parts of the series, now that you mention
them specifically). anyway, wasn't g gundam supposed
to be 51 episodes? we only got 49.

> In a nutshell, Master Asia's motivation is that
> he's an eco-freak.

now that you mention it...that was shown when he was
dying in domon's arms. but not in the rest of the
episodes *before* that!

> After his victory in the last Gundam Fight, he
> realized what a mess he
> and his comrades had made of the Earth. He resigned
> from the Shuffle
> Alliance, which had done nothing to stop these
> decades of devastation,
> and eventually joined forces with the Devil Gundam
> of his own free will.

i remember this now...

> As we eventually learn, Domon's father originally
> created the Devil
> Gundam not as a weapon, but as a nanotechnological
> saviour to regenerate
> the ravaged Earth.

now, this part escaped me. i don't remember it being
specifically mentioned. i only remember it being a
benevolent creation gone bad (as revealed by domon's
brother). nothing about the ecological savior bit,
nor the nanotech bit. or i might not have been paying
close enough attention -- all that the "digi-cells",
as they are dubbed, were made out to be were evil
viruses associated with the devil gundam. three
principles -- self-regeneration, self-reproduction and
self-evolution -- were often being bandied about as
the abilities of the devil gundam.

anyway, it's doctor nikamura's jealousy that gives
rise to the whole story, no?

>When the Devil Gundam is damaged
> during its escape
> from Neo Japan's militaristic rulers, Master Asia
> finds it and decides to
> use its power for its original purpose - restoring
> Earth to its natural
> state.

i'm a bit muddled by this. didn't something
(something bad) happen between master asia and domon's
brother (who was riding the thing)? i remember
domon's brother being sucked into the devil gundam,

>However, he's a bit more pessimistic than
> Domon's dad, and reckons
> that the only way to heal Earth for good is to get
> rid of all the people.
> In short, he plans to commit genocide in the name of
> ecology.

ah! yes! that's what he and domon were yammering
about while giving each other the finger (hehe).

genocide in the name of something -- tell me this
*isn't* a trademark of a gundam main character. ;)

one final question for clarification -- what exactly
happened to domon's brother? what did he have to do
with schwarz broeder, the german fighter? i
definitely wasn't paying attention to this episode.
the odd mix of street-slang and poetic filipino
dubbing didn't help any.

an addendum question: how do you rationalize all the
supernatural kung-fu fighting style that every gundam
fighter knows? what's up with that?

> The precise shadings of the Master Asia-Domon
> relationship eluded me
> the first time through. Now that I've picked up all
> the laser discs, I'll
> re-watch the series and see if I can get a better
> handle on it this time
> through. :-)

yeah...and put up a plot synopsis. :P

overall, i'd say the story was ok. i think richie
said it -- it's kinda like those chinese shaolin
sagas. the ecological leanings needed more
clarification (but i just watched episode 1 again
today, and that's where the detective complains about
the gundam fights ruining the maybe i
should watch g gundam again! and pay closer attention
this time...). it's not everyday that ecology, of all
things, plays a part in a mecha anime. it's usually
about politics and save-the-earth-war and very
human-centered (pride, vengeance, out to prove
oneself, etc.) master asia a tree hugger??? that's a
very odd picture.

the mechs need to go though. the worst offenders, to
me, were the nether, mermaid, matador, mandala gundam.
the nobel was endearing in an odd way. (a mean femme
mecha with a whip...oooh, kinky! no comments,

the presentation of g gundam would have been
drastically improved by having only one gundam in the
story -- the devil gundam, the value of which, would
have been made more obvious by being the only gundam
in the story. (the grand gundam was really weird, yet
really cool. talk about obese and obnoxious.) scrap
all the other gundams. but then, i suppose that would
disappoint peoplee who watch for the sake of watching
mecha-fightin' action...not that g gundam mecha
fighting was anything to slobber over -- sloppily
drawn knuckles and feet all over the's like
mechanized donald duck (y'know, how he flails about
with his fists).

i also figured that the ending would have been
improved with rain's death -- instead of shooting
straight outta the devil gundam like phlegm and into
domon's waiting arms, maybe she should have died as
she rips herself free from the devil gundam, which
collapses in turn, as it's host is torn away. but
that's just me. i dislike happy endings. :P



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