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>I also forgot...
>Gundam F90 - what is this thing's story ? how come there are so many
>of it?

Mostly it's a modeling gimmick, the first "modular" Gundam justifying an
entire model series composed of variations on one suit. The design *is* a
precursor to the F91, and I vaguely remember a Mars conflict involving the
F90 and a Zeon remnant, but I'll leave that to our better read members...

>EX-s Gundam - the gundam on steroids ? ALICE ? and I've noticed... how
>come the
>mobile suits in the SENTINEL series looks more advanced than in Zeta?
>Wasn't the
>story set between Z & ZZ ?

(answers out of order)
Yes, yes, & yes. As for comparison to Zeta, the S and Ex-S were
"Extraordinary Mobile Suits", essentially overpowered MS, a trend that
wasn't pursued after their destruction. Keep in mind, the Sentinel setting
used mass production versions of the Zeta and the ZZ, including extra armor
and weapons to make the ZZ more powerful!

The whole Model Graphix Sentinel project was really just to see how
modelers would have designed MS for the Z&ZZ series. Case in point: the
frighteningly over-designed XEKU-EIN(Marasai/Zaku-III hybrid) and the
mass-production Zeta-Plus.


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