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WooJin Lee asks,

>Are the two weapons strictly space based weapons? or is it possible to
use them
>within the atmosphere as well?

  In ZZ, we see the Qubeley Mk.II and the Psyco Gundam Mk.II using their
funnels in atmosphere, odd though this seems. Then again, ZZ is full of
wacky nonsense that defies conventional Gundam physics.

>Also, Is there a reason why we see the dissapearance of Incom-ish(??)
>later on?

  Well, natural newtypes have always been scarce. The Titans (and, if you
believe the epilogue of 08th MS Team, the Zeons too) hoped to
artificially endow normal humans with newtype powers so they could use
all these psycommu gadgets, but this hasn't proved to be a good approach
either. ;-)

  The incom, and the accompanying quasi-psycommu system, represent
another approach - newtype-ish weapons that can be used by normal people.
The quasi-psycommu system actively scans the pilot's brain, rather than
passively listening for the high-volume brainwaves of newtypes, so that
even normal humans can control remote weapons. However, since puny
normal-people brainwaves can't be used as carrier signals, these remote
weapons must be wire-guided.

  The Neue Ziel and Hamma Hamma represent early attempts by the Axis to
create a quasi-psycommu system. However, they didn't pan out; as a
result, these two can extend their wire-connected claws for "rocket
punch"-type antics, but they can't conduct "all-range" attacks by firing
from their extended hands. The first workable quasi-psycommu system is
that of the Doven Wolf, just about the last mobile suit the Axis created,
and the technology seems to have been lost thereafter.

  However, the incom approach is used by a couple of the Doven Wolf's
less-official contemporaries. The ORX-013 G-V from Gundam Sentinel, and
the ORX-012 Gundam Mk.IV introduced in the new G-Generation Zero game,
were created by the Federation's Augusta Newtype Labs. And the Superior
Gundam is the product of Anaheim Electronics. All three feature
quasi-psycommu systems and incoms, which suggests that the technology was
in fact available to everybody, but for some reason they never used it
ever again! least not until V Gundam, in which we see a handful of
psycommu-controlled remote devices, wire-guided weapons, and wireless
"Minovsky control" to boot.

>And also, is there a good approximation of the power of the Funnels?
>Its small size makes me believe them to be weaker than most Beam Rifles used
>around the same era...

  A bit, yeah. The Qubeley's funnels are rated at 1.3 MW, lower than a
beam rifle but still deadly against the average mobile suit. No good
against The O's thick armor, though!

-- Mark

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