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Rodrick Su writes,

>Beam Strings (another misnomer) like the one equipped on the Mobile Armor in
>F91 is a series of flexible strings heated to be able to cut like the normal
>heated weapon.

  Nope, sorry. They're of the electro-shocking variety. These wires just
shoot out, grapple the target, and zap 'em. (Beam strings, like the "sea
serpents" used in Z Gundam and CCA, have no function other than shocking
the target - whereas the Gouf's heat rod can sometimes cut through its
foe as well.)

>The Heat Rod of Gundam Epyon and Tallgeese III of After Colony timeline are
>really beam strings, except here they just call it heat rod.

  Not so. They're superheated cutting weapons, like the Zaku's heat hawk,
the Gouf's heat saber, the Dom's heat sword, and the Sandrock's heat
shorters. In this case, they're shaped like multi-segmented whips, so
they resemble the Gouf's original heat rod. Unlike the Gouf's whip, the
aforementioned "sea serpents," or V Gundam's misnamed beam strings, they
have no shocking function.

  Hope that clears things up...

-- Mark

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