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Let me do a quickie wrap-up on the recent spate of G Gundam puzzlers.
Good practice for the long-threatened Gundam Project synopsis...

Kaworu Nagisa asks,

>I have a few questions regarding the Shuffle Alliance:
>1) How old are the original members of the SA? (I'm
> referring to the ones who passed their power on to Domon's friends)

  They're probably contemporaries of Master Asia, i.e. in their forties
or fifties, but that's just my guess.

>2) What's the purpose of the Shuffle Alliance? (I kinda
> forgot ^^;)

  Oh, just steering the grand destiny of the human race from the shadows,
guarding it from its own impulses towards self-destruction, stuff like
that. As I recall, they've been doing this for thousands of years. But
they define their role pretty narrowly, and Master Asia broke with them
for permitting decades of Gundam Fights to trash Earth's ecosystem almost
beyond repair...

>3) Who's that king guy that appeared with Domon and
> Rain's final Tenkyouken?

  Heh! I guess he's just the embodiment of the King of Heart role that
Master Asia passed on to Domon.

Garrick Lee wonders,

>can someone clarify all the itty bitty details of the
>whole escapade behind master asia and dommon?

  From your recap, it sounds like the translation you saw may have been a
bit sloppy. Even my monkey-caliber grasp of spoken Japanese enabled me to
make more sense of it than that. ;-)

  Spoilers ahoy! Corrections and clarifications welcomed!


  In a nutshell, Master Asia's motivation is that he's an eco-freak.
After his victory in the last Gundam Fight, he realized what a mess he
and his comrades had made of the Earth. He resigned from the Shuffle
Alliance, which had done nothing to stop these decades of devastation,
and eventually joined forces with the Devil Gundam of his own free will.

  As we eventually learn, Domon's father originally created the Devil
Gundam not as a weapon, but as a nanotechnological saviour to regenerate
the ravaged Earth. When the Devil Gundam is damaged during its escape
from Neo Japan's militaristic rulers, Master Asia finds it and decides to
use its power for its original purpose - restoring Earth to its natural
state. However, he's a bit more pessimistic than Domon's dad, and reckons
that the only way to heal Earth for good is to get rid of all the people.
In short, he plans to commit genocide in the name of ecology.

>so, master asia's methods (the entire devil gundam
>escapade) were, for the most part, in agreement with
>wong's and urube's, who were really out to conquer the
>universe. did i get that right?

  Nope. Wong and Urube just want power and personal glory. During the
second half of the story, it seems as if Master Asia is just a puppet of
Wong, the Devil Gundam, or both, but in truth he's just using them to
accomplish his own noble but misguided goal. That's why Domon is so
heartbroken when he mortally injures his old master and learns his true

  The precise shadings of the Master Asia-Domon relationship eluded me
the first time through. Now that I've picked up all the laser discs, I'll
re-watch the series and see if I can get a better handle on it this time
through. :-)

-- Mark

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