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Rodrick Su asks,

>Psycho Gundam and Psycho Gundam Mark II are both scaled up Mobile suit by a
>factor of 2. The base design is superficially similar to the Original
>Gundam, but the actual design philosophy is more of a descendant of Zeong
>from OYW with its finger beam cannons and other assorted weapon.

  Absolutely. And, like the Zeong and Zeon's psycommu mobile armors, the
bulk of the psycommu system requires its host to be pretty huge. (The
Qubeley is the first regular-sized mobile suit to have a true psycommu
system.) The Psyco Gundam is really the Perfect Zeong in Gundam drag, to
satisfy the aesthetic dictates of the Federation. (Which doesn't explain
the Hizack...)

  The Psyco Gundam also houses another famously bulky system, the
Minovsky craft floatation system used by the White Base and Azzam. This
puppy is so huge that even the Bound Doc (about 1.5 times normal size)
appears to be unable to accommodate it. We don't see regular-sized mobile
suits with Minovsky craft systems until the Hathaway novels, two decades
after the Psyco Gundam was built.

>Quin Mantha from ZZ Gundam is similarly scaled up by a factor of 2 from its
>logical processor Quebeley.

  Yep. Partly this could be attributed to mere Psyco Gundam envy, but the
Quin Mantha does sport a powerful I-field barrier system on a par with
that of the Big Zam's - another large and power-hungry device. Some
smaller mobile suits carry scaled-down I-field barriers, but these tend
to be localized defenses - like that of the Ex-S Gundam, which only
protects its cockpit.

>I supposed Psycho Gundam II is also launched in this fashion.

  In Z, I dimly recall it just flying up out of nowhere - it seems too
big to be stowed aboard the Dogos Gear's regulation-sized hangars. In ZZ,
it's trucked about on the spacious rear deck of an Endora-class cruiser.

>So how is Quin Mantha launched?

  Oh, it just sorta flies right out of the asteroid Mowsa. No transport
required, luckily for its owners. :-)

  Otherwise, I expect it would just be towed by a ship, like the Zodiac
and Alpha Aziel.

-- Mark

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