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Dafydd writes,

>The Bio-Sensor tries to turn the pilot's thoughts into actions, while the
>Bio-Computer uses images from the pilot's mind as input for a search routine.

  That's just one application. The biocomputer has a more fundamental
function, which is something like this...

  In essence, previous psycommu systems functioned strictly as receivers.
They could pick up instructions from the pilot's mind, with varying
degrees of sensitivity and reliability, and convert them into machine
commands. But the only way for the pilot to get information back from the
mobile suit's computer was via conventional readouts and displays (c.f.
the display-packed cockpit of the Elmeth).

  The biocomputer, however, can send data directly back to the pilot's
mind. In F91, we see it prompting Seabook on the correct usage of the
VSBRs, and at the end it's used to feed radar and infra-red sensor data
into his brain so he can help locate Cecily. It's not clear whether this
system can be used only by newtypes (though the example of the EXAM
system argues to the contrary), but for grand feats like Seabook's search
for Cecily it would certainly help make sense of the rush of raw data.

  The biocomputer is a fairly neutral use of direct brain input. The EXAM
system that features in Blue Destiny, and the Zero System in Gundam W,
are far more dangerous because they transmit actual tactical advice to
the pilot; these bloodthirsty "recommendations" are almost impossible to
distinguish from the pilot's own intentions, and tragedy can easily result.

-- Mark

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