Winn Sevilla (
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 14:52:42 +0800

True, the design really did impress me, all those exhausts and boosters... it
looked like it could take on the Gp01-Fb... if it still existed... but if it
did, it'd be one hell of a battle...

Richard Ramos wrote:

> >The Gebrera Tetra AGX-04, was that the pink MS that Cima was in, in the
> >final episode (a Storm Raging Through) of 0083?
> > The same MS that Kou blew to he** and back.
> Yup, that's the one. Poor thing. It was quite a shock to all concerned.
> I loved the design, the look and the pilot. Oh well, she's now all so much
> stardust.
> "Magic is the hand of faith..."

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