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Adam Loehmann asks,

>does anyone on the list have any information about this MS i fell in love
>with it the first time i saw it in my gundam 0083 comic but there seems to
>be no information about it anywhere other than on the mecha domain.which has
>scant info about it unfortunatly. anything would be appreciated

  Let's see. It's a prototype mobile suit (hence the "YMS" prefix),
derived from the Dom and designed for artillery support. Like the MSM-10
Zock, another design from the last days of the war, it's halfway evolved
into a mobile armor rather than a mobile suit. Since the MS-16 model
number was initially assigned to the Zeong, and subsequently reassigned
to the Zammel after the Zeong's designation was changed to the MSN-02,
its development actually began after that of the Zeong - and may well
have lagged that of the MS-17 Galbaldy and MS-18E Kamepfer. It really is
one of the last Zeon mobile suits.

  For more details, we turn to Kodansha's nerdalicious MS WARS book. Here
we're told that three prototype units were produced at Zeon's California
Base, of which one was used by the remnant forces seen in 0083. Like the
Dom, it uses thermonuclear jet engines to hover, and can hit speeds of up
to 220 km/h. Its long-range cannon, operated by the gunner who sits
behind the pilot, can hit targets up to 50 km away.

  The "M" tagged onto its model number hearkens back to its original
nickname, "Melser und Kanone" or something similar.

-- Mark

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