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>how'd you do that again? if i recall, the only tallgeese 1 & 2 released
were 1/144. the 1/144 parts
>fit to the 1/100 tallgeese 3?

the 1/100 tallgeese3 has option parts to make the mk1 and 2. that's why
the box is so damn big.

>i have to admit (in embarrassment) that the right shoulder hardpoint of my
1/144 tallgeese 3 >broke off as i was doing my durndest to pose that BFG.
(i mean...the bloody thing just snapped!)

That's a common problem with the design. I had the same thing happen to
me. even in the 1/100 kit, it's the same problem.

>i like the tallgeese because it looks so much like a knight in armor. but
i HATE those shoulder >mounted boosters. they should be mounted (fixed) on
the back, not the shoulder verniers! given >the much hyped "killer thrust"
of the'd think the shoulder mounted boosters would >break
off (like the gravity engines of sdf-1, hehehe).

Which reminds me of another observation: the construction of the
connecting points of the shoulder balljoint and the upper arm is FLIMSY in
the 1/100. strengthen with crazy glue to make it solid. As for the
engines...yeah, I agree with you on that...stupid design flaw from my point
of view.

>something related to kit-bashing: i really prefer the polycap hands
because they can hold any >weapon properly and not go all wimpy wristed.
any chance of seeing polycap rubber hands on >1/100 models? (maybe rig a
1/144 polycap hand onto a 1/100 model?) what about those 1/144 >models
that include many options for hands and include a polycap hand that doesn't
really fit into >the forearm? i don't want to try anything funky since i'm
not sure how to go about it. do i trim >the polycap hand's ball joint and
fit it into the peg-hole of the forearm? or do i do some surgical >work on
the forearm and somehow make it able to receive a ball joint?

Interesting thought, but aren't the polycap 1/144 hands too small for
1/100? if you want to fit them into the HGUC stuff, I think it possible to
shave the ball joint to a stick joint and then insert it. lemme experiment
with one of my extra polycap hands...

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