garrick lee (
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 22:31:23 -0700 (PDT)

> 1) Tallgeese III 1/100
> Basically, I let the T3 just hold its heat
> rod/shield, and then i put the
> original T1/2 cannon in the hardpoint for the
> shield. the buster cannon,
> which I've noticed is kinda hard to pose, was made
> more poseable by just
> using the original hinge-piece for the T1/2 cannon
> to connect it to the
> right shoulder hardpoint, hence making it more
> "swingable" into a better
> position. I also gave it the axe weapon from an
> Eva-02 HG 1/100 kit as a
> hand weapon. Not a bad thing. I wanted to use the
> Big sword from an
> Eva-05 HG 1/100 (first version), but nah, It kinda
> didn't feel right
> style-wise.

how'd you do that again? if i recall, the only
tallgeese 1 & 2 released were 1/144. the 1/144 parts
fit to the 1/100 tallgeese 3?

i have to admit (in embarrassment) that the right
shoulder hardpoint of my 1/144 tallgeese 3 broke off
as i was doing my durndest to pose that BFG. (i
mean...the bloody thing just snapped!)

i like the tallgeese because it looks so much like a
knight in armor. but i HATE those shoulder mounted
boosters. they should be mounted (fixed) on the back,
not the shoulder verniers! given the much hyped
"killer thrust" of the'd think the
shoulder mounted boosters would break off (like the
gravity engines of sdf-1, hehehe).

something related to kit-bashing: i really prefer the
polycap hands because they can hold any weapon
properly and not go all wimpy wristed. any chance of
seeing polycap rubber hands on 1/100 models? (maybe
rig a 1/144 polycap hand onto a 1/100 model?) what
about those 1/144 models that include many options for
hands and include a polycap hand that doesn't really
fit into the forearm? i don't want to try anything
funky since i'm not sure how to go about it. do i
trim the polycap hand's ball joint and fit it into the
peg-hole of the forearm? or do i do some surgical
work on the forearm and somehow make it able to
receive a ball joint?



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