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>off topic question 1: why do japanese songs contain a
>fair number of english words? (i think they're the
>only language that incorporates another language in
>their music as-a-matter-of-factly) not that i'm
>complaining, since those few english words are
>probably the only ones i understand. :P (shoulda
>stayed awake in japanese class...)

        Maybe it's because they have a system for adopting foreign
languages? Katakana is a godsend for foreign students.. =)

        But this habit of theirs to drop English in Japanese songs can get
really irritating.

>really really off topic question 2: anyone know if
>there are full-length ENGLISH opening and ending songs
>for lodoss war, and where i can find them? (i mean
>the ones that are sung in the english dubbed OVA
>series. by "full length" i mean the whole musical
>score, and not just the one minute theme). i'm not
>talking about the english song "eternity". they all
>seem to have different lyrics (are they exact

        AFAIK, there's a full length English "Eternity" sung to the tune of
the OP, Adesso E Fortuna. And at least another... 1 or 2 English songs to
the tune of another 2 tracks. I left my CDs at home today, so I can't really
check. Anyway, none of the three appears to be direct translation -- more of
fitting appropriate English words to the music.

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