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I've been doing some kit bashes and this is what I came up with...still not
finished painting, but they're a bit interesting. These are cheapo parts
swaps, but they do add a nice overall effect to the kits.

1) Tallgeese III 1/100

Basically, I let the T3 just hold its heat rod/shield, and then i put the
original T1/2 cannon in the hardpoint for the shield. the buster cannon,
which I've noticed is kinda hard to pose, was made more poseable by just
using the original hinge-piece for the T1/2 cannon to connect it to the
right shoulder hardpoint, hence making it more "swingable" into a better
position. I also gave it the axe weapon from an Eva-02 HG 1/100 kit as a
hand weapon. Not a bad thing. I wanted to use the Big sword from an
Eva-05 HG 1/100 (first version), but nah, It kinda didn't feel right

2) Gelgoog cannon

I ordered a shield from the other Gelgoog kit (bandai, I love you for that
little parts replacement option). I stuck the shield to the arm by
removing the forearm stuff, and stuck the shield's contactnpoint to the
polycap there. I next got a nice bazooka from a Char Aznable zaku to hold
in the left hand, the barrel twisted around dso that the sight will be
nominally in a nice position to line up with the eye. Am still working it
so that I can add the sturmfausts via customized hardpoint holes onto the
skirt area. I'm also trying to find a way to put the tank cannon from the
CA zaku kit in by some sort of weapons cradle (or clamp) onto the backpack.
 Why am I wasting a good CA zaku kit? cuz it's a crystal version, that's offense to the people who gave it to me as a gift, but I also find
that the classic heat axe and machine gun combo to be quite satisfactory
with the crystal look. everything else makes it look cluttered.

3) I removed the frontal cloak from the Sandrock 1/100, keeping the back
cloak on, and then getting an extra beam naginata from the Altron 1/100,
and added a normal saber (from one of my MG's, I forget which) onto the
beam haft. now the Sandrock looks really like some sort of medieval
knight. I'm adding a new paint job to the shoulder pads, to make it
medieval looking...probably black with gold and silver trimming. I'm
thinking of replacing the cape with black velvet.

4) Now this takes a bit of having a lot of spares...i have an F90Y cluster
gundam, which i outfitted with spares from my F90 stuff, namely: the
shoulder verniers from the f90 long range type, then the forearm gun and
forearm shield from the F90 VSBR, as well as the waist verniers, then leg
boosters from the F90 with wave rider pack. I got the extras by basically
buying double kits so that I could have all versions of the f90 around.
The resulting f90y looks great, and by adding a bazooka to the rear clamp,
it looks even more scary.

Other little things:

Devil Gundam: I replaced the dinky polycap hands with hands from a MKII MG
kit. looks better..I used the open hands.

ZZ HG 1/144: I removed the BFG from the FAZZ, and put it on this baby.
not bad. the FAZZ now looks like the one in Gundam Battlemaster.

Zeta+ C1: took the back guns from my now unsalvageable Academy S-gundam
and removed two of the fuel tanks, replacing it with the guns. am also
thinking of bashing this together with an extra ZZ 1/144 HG zeta to make a
hybrid...probably I'll repaint the hybrid in purple with gold trimmings.

MG MKII : This one is for a local exhibit that's being planned
out...basically, I took the extra MKII equipment from my super gundam and
added it on to the MKII I have...two bazookas (one in the rear clamp, two
shields, two bazooka e-pacs at the hips and a gun, simple. am using a red,
white and gold color combination for this.

Frankenstein: this one is pretty much what happens when I have too many
parts. I started with a wrecked 1/144 heavyarms original version (thanks
to certain cousins who are now banned from my house). I got the extra
tallgeese body and mk1 head from my T3 1/144 kit and attached it to the
lower torso and legs of the heavyarms, and then got the "normal" shoulders
from my G-unit GP01FB look-alike, the Geminass01, then added the spare
"normal" backpack from the G-unit LoBooster. I then cut off the
maneuvering verniers at the top of the back pack. the arms are also from
the heavy arms, with the cannon arm more or less affixed permantly to the
left forearm. I used the nice polycap fist from the EW 1/144 polycap set
for the right hand. I am painting this in Roman Centurion colors, to make
it look really old-style.

Now, one question: I know I asked this before, but aside from cutting and
adding more length to the T-frame of the Buster V2 Gundam's backpack, how
else do I combine it with the humongous shoulders of the Assault V2? I
know one can do it, but will end up with the Buster backpack canted
backward. I want it to point forward, as per normal. Any other ideas?

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