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> Gundam F90 - what is this thing's story ? how come there are so many
> variations
> of it?

it had its own comic that came out the year before F91. IIRC, it involved
some pirates or something stealing a Gundam Prototype (the F90, obviously
predecessor to F91), and they sent another one to get it back, kinda like in
0083. That might also be the reason there were different variations.

> EX-s Gundam - the gundam on steroids ? ALICE ? and I've noticed... how
> come the
> mobile suits in the SENTINEL series looks more advanced than in Zeta?
> Wasn't the
> story set between Z & ZZ ?

I think the designs were done by Katoki, which might explain the look, and
Sentinel was also a comic wasn't it, so they could spend a bit more time
working on the designs, I guess. Don't know for sure. I thought Sentinel
took place around the same time as Zeta-Zeta.

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