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<< Actually i disagree, Feds were the original users of Gundams, which was
just a
 prototype MS. When MkII was stolen and such, AUEG started using its name
 (Zeta). Afterward I guess the name was used as a sign of power since Gundams
 always end up in the front lines of battle and the side with them always end
 up winning. If your talking about the Psycho Gundam I believe it has the
 to be called gundam since the Feds were the first to use that name. Besides,
 in war there is no such thing as a good or bad guy just friend or enemy. >>

I wasn't using a Gundam series as an example, I was just specualting about
anti Gundam's. I've never seen the show its in, but yes the Psycho Gundam
does deserve the Gundam name, because it looks excatly like a Gundam. I
wasn't saying the Psycho Gundam doesn't deserve the Gundam name.


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