garrick lee (
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 05:57:21 -0700 (PDT)

> >i take it you watched the last episode today :P
> >(gorsky with the lipstick mark on his cheek cracked
> me
> >up)
> Huh!? I didn't saw that...

oh that's nothing really.

it's right about the part when prime minister
what's-his-name and doctor kasshu are talking about
the future and what will happen to the gundam fights.
(it's nice to know that the gundam fights WILL's more realistic that way -- no united
earth federation crap...heck knows the ending was
sappy much for tragic couples)

anyway, the five shuffle union members were given
special goodbye salutes. chibodee and his...harem
(unless you have a better choice of word); george (or
"jorak") and his little princess; sai and his
teen-love sister of denmark fighter; and gorsky and
nastasia in the bolt cockpit. gorsky was just
standing there, impassive as usual, but with a funny
smirk on his face and a red blotch on his cheek.
(now, that nastasia is something...forget allenby,
vielchen, hehe)

> >i think i saw an f91 in addition. or may have been
> >the gp03. dunno about wing, since g-wing came
> after g
> >gundam. i saw lots of rx-78's and the gp01 too.
> Yeah, the Wing was there alright. Someone already
> mentioned this before. It was probably somekinda
> preview of the next series. But it was so funny.
> You see the Wing in about half a second then it
> goes KA-BOOM.

which part? a lot of gundams go ka-boom in the
finale. yes, you're right, a gundam isn't anything
special in this show. (the armada of nether
gundams...they COULDN'T have been serious...)



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