Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 03:44:54 -0400

><< You mean, like, the bad guys would actually spend millions and waste
>their time just to make fun of
> Gundam? >>
>No, not really, I meant what if the pilot wants to disgrace a Gundam or the
>Gundam name? Some bad guy could want more then just revenge or whatever
>reason he has to hate the hero, but he could also want to tarnish or hurt the
>Gundam's name. See what I mean? I aslo meant not mock as in make fun of, but
>as in make a mockery of Gundam and what it stands for, am I making any sense?

 I completely understood your point. Maybe I just used
 the wrong words, but then again, would the bad guys actually spend millions and waste their time just to
 do that? If it were a crazed psycho like Zechs/Milliardo,
 I could understand that. But then, it wasn't Zechs who
 had the Epyon built, it was Treize - a by-far-sane man
 in my POV. Well, let's just look at it this way; aside
 from making a great marketing ploy, piting an opponent
 with similar means/armaments against the hero is always
 interesting to watch. In the case of GW though, the Gundam is sorta considered to be the most powerful MS
 of all (look how the OZ fears them). An "evil Gundam"
 would immediately suggest to the average viewer that
 this MS is at par (or even more powerful) than the
 heroes' MS. It's really as simple as that. Something
 to spice up everything. I dunno about the anti-Gundams
 in from Z, ZZ, X, since I'm not very familiar with the
 story behind them. But this is my thought regarding GW.

 G Gundam on the other hand, isn't that applicable to
 this topic in my opinion, since a Gundam isn't really
 something that special in the GG universe.

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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