Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 02:39:35 -0400

>uhm...no. it has to do with the fact that gundam is a
>"robot", which your average everyday schmuck thinks is
>for kids. after all, every mature adult knows robots
>can't be for real. (sarcasm alert, don't lynch me.
>no offense to james' mom! :)

 Just whaddaya mean "every MATURE adult knows that
 robots can't be for real"!?


>the way to play around with model kits, as we all
>know, is to imagine that they're mercury
>motion-tripped bombs (like one of those gizmos in
>macgyver, heh). i honestly yelp in pain when my
>non-model-kit friends pick up (more like GRAB,
>actually) my gundams and play with them like azonia
>does to lynn-kyle. OUCH! they must think model kits
>are warhammer miniatures or something (things you CAN
>throw at your opponent when you're losing, hehehehee)

 You should keep your model kits in a display cabinet
 or something. Me, no one has ever set his or her hands
 on my Kurama and Snake-eyes model figures other than myself ^-^

>and the difference between model kits and toys is that
>the former was manufactured to be built, while the
>latter was manufactured to be destroyed (though

 Yeah... very true.

>that's all. (last episode of g gundam tomorrow! does
>it have a happy ending? no wait, don't tell me! i
>managed to go 48 episodes without peeking at the end,
>don't spoil me now!)

 48!? Isn't it "44"? Oh well... maybe I just lost count...
 did I? ^^; Anyway, in a few hours, I'd finally get to
 see who that Tenkyouken-crossarmed-king-guy really is.

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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