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>Hello, gundam experts, these are my questions for you :
>1. How much minovsky particles made by universe in 1 second ?

Minovsky particles do not occur in nature. They are a by-product of the
helium-3/deuterium fusion reaction within the Minovsky-Ionescu fusion
reactor. The discovery of, first, a strange electromagnetic wave effect
and, second, the new elementary particle that caused it, led to the
development of a super-compact Minovsky-Ionescu reactor that used an
I-field, a lattice-like structure composed of regularly-aligned
M-particles, to confine and compress the reaction. See:


>2. How much is the limit of minovsky particles in universe ?

None. They're produced by high-energy reactions and don't persist without
an energetic support system. They can be "broadcast" over a relatively
small area, but eventually decay and disappear.

>3. What's the use of energy in gundams if the minovsky particles are
>everywhere ?

Minovsky particles only absorb energy in the short end of the spectrum, so
they only interfere with radio and radar. Infra-red and visible light are
not absorbed and can still be used for imaging and tracking.

>4. Why in such big battle of A Boa Qua there's no run out of Minovsky ?

Because, in addition to generators dedicated to broadcasting the particles
just to create a "fog" around the asteroid, every MS and ship was putting
out their own small contributions from their reactors and thermonuclear

>5. how much minovsky particles used for 1 shot of mega particle cannon ?

Billions and billions. But they're really, really small, so I'll just say
"a fistful" and leave it at that. (^_^);

>and this question is not about minovsky :
>What equipments did F91 use to make the MS not overheat during "Shadow Mode"

A simple venting system, the outlet of which is behind the face mask, plus
the six radiator fins (three on each shoulder) and, presumably, the
radiator-like grillwork on the front of the torso.


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