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> > It's also cheaper than GP01 and GP01Fb by dropping core
> fighter. Without
> > core fighter taking up excessive space, they can afford to
> stuff it with
> > bigger engine, more boosters, and more weapons.
> Stuffing it with more stuff doesn't make it cheaper. Leaving
> a big hollow
> space in the middle makes it cheaper.

Let me restate the spect. By dropping the core fighter, they open up the
space for the engineer to put in bigger engine that were not possible due to
space limitation. Also, using a bigger engine could be using off the shelf
component instead of the more compact engine required by GP01. As for
firepower, I was talking about the beam machine gun instead of the standard
beam rifle used by GP01. The reason GP01 isn't using the GP04 weapon could
potentially be due to the higher energy requirement of the beam machine gun.

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