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Since I haven't seen enough Zeta Gundam, and haven't seen ZZ Gundam at all
so I have to pose this question to you kind of blind.

Psycho Gundam and Psycho Gundam Mark II are both scaled up Mobile suit by a
factor of 2. The base design is superficially similar to the Original
Gundam, but the actual design philosophy is more of a descendant of Zeong
from OYW with its finger beam cannons and other assorted weapon. Quin
Mantha from ZZ Gundam is similarly scaled up by a factor of 2 from its
logical processor Quebeley. Now, I have seen how the original Psycho Gundam
is launched in Zeta Gundam, in Mobile Armor mode to save space and just
dropped from a transport. I supposed Psycho Gundam II is also launched in
this fashion. Obiously these monster sized mobile cannot be launch from a
launch catapult, and lugging them around is going to be a problem. So how
is Quin Mantha launched?

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