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> > > Gebrera Tetra AGX-04 - ??? (why'd they build this for?)
> > good question. is it even in the series? Heck, I don't actually really
> know
> > what the blasted thing looks like. I could go look it up but I don't
> > remember it even being mentioned in the series.
> I think it's a variation of GP01. Seems to have more firepower than GP01
> yet pretty agile.... As for why it didn't appear as a Gundam, people already
> mentioned that the Fed don't think they can afford another Gundam prototype
> and it seems to look too "Zionish"....

The AGX-04 was developed by Anaheim Electronics simultaneously with the GP
series Gundams but independently from the Federation forces. Many of the
engineers that worked on Unit 2 were ex-Zeonic employees, and they worked on the
Gerbera Tetra (knowing that it was not going to be a Federation MS) hence the
"Zionish" look. The Gerbera Tetra was delivered to the Delaz Fleet and was
piloted by Cima Garahau in 0083 in the final battle.

I think in terms of the UC timeline, this was the first MS developed by Anaheim
Electronics for the 'enemy'. In Z Gundam, they make MS for Titans, Federation,
and the 'enemy' AEUG.


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