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Kaworu Nagisa wrote:
> >> the most popular. By the way, one question, did
> >> the horrors mentioned ever involved an instance
> >> wherein a woman or women was impregnated and
> >> bore Cthulhu-ish creatures or something? Just
> >> curious...
> >>
> >> Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)
> >>
> >
> >Somehow, yes: try "Curse of Yig" and "Mask of Innsmouth".
> >--
> >Bye, Vincenzo
> Hmm... I thought so. It does sound, in all aspects,
> terrifying, isn't it? So, how did they get... um... pregnant with those things?
In "Curse of Yig" it's, of course, a curse of the serpent god. In
Shadows over Innsmouth the people of a coastal town in New England give
their sexuality to the Deep Ones, a race of amoral, alien amphibious.
Some of the resulting hybrids turn in hideous monsters later in life or
pass their curse to their heir. Is unknow why the Deep Ones mate with
the humans.

Bye, Vincenzo

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