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>On Sun, 17 Oct 1999 22:43:34 +0100 Lime <> wrote:
>>>>> Yeah... but well... what if they apply the same physics
>>>>> to... say, the Ninja Turtles?
>>>>Why? It was based on a comic book which did not have those physics.
>>OTOH, the comic book is [at least the original, and at least in a number
>>issues] pretty dark and violent...
> Yeah, I did see some of that. So why doesn't the cartoon
> have those?

Because, somewhere along the line, TMNT went mainstream. Archie comics
released a TMNT title, and that is *very* like the TV series [not sure which
came first] Plus, it has to be said that the original comics are kinda
patchy - some of them being outright comedy.

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