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> it has to do with the fact that gundam is a
>"robot", which your average everyday schmuck thinks is
>for kids. after all, every mature adult knows robots
>can't be for real. (sarcasm alert, don't lynch me.
>no offense to james' mom! :)

How very true...surprisingly enough, my own dad loves to just ooh and ahh
over my new kits, looking at the dsetails and all that...

>as for the "first kits" first gundam kit was
>the wing zero. it's still in very good shape (it's
>not painted or anything, but it's not wrecked or
>wrenched out of recognizable shape, and there's no
>reason to weep for it), but that's got more to do with
>the fact that i know how to take care of model kits
>and that i learned my lesson as a kid (didn't take
>good care of my toys...especially my macross
>valkyrie...*sniffle bawl*). i've put together a few
>kits before i ever waltzed into gundam, and even
>before that, i dabbled slightly in model planes. weep
>for my model planes, not my wing zero, and mourn for
>my macross valkyrie. :P frustration at not being able to preserve my own toys was also a
factor in my collecting model kits.

>the way to play around with model kits, as we all
>know, is to imagine that they're mercury
>motion-tripped bombs (like one of those gizmos in
>macgyver, heh). i honestly yelp in pain when my
>non-model-kit friends pick up (more like GRAB,
>actually) my gundams and play with them like azonia
>does to lynn-kyle. OUCH! they must think model kits
>are warhammer miniatures or something (things you CAN
>throw at your opponent when you're losing, hehehehee)

Hehehehheh. The las time a friend of mine grabbed a gundam of mine like
that, i shouted at him to put it down, then when he did, lectured him on
how much time and money I had spent on that kit. then I told him if he
broke it, he would have to pay for the replacement. we're still good
friends, but boy, does he avoid touching the gundams.

>and the difference between model kits and toys is that
>the former was manufactured to be built, while the
>latter was manufactured to be destroyed (though

That's an intersting way of putting it.

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