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> Gundam RX-78
> - Federations first successful mobile suit (am I right here?)

The Guntank and GunCannan predate the Gundam.

> Gundam RX-78 NT-1
>- Mobile suit developed for newtypes.

And the first to mount a linear set cockpit.

> Gundam RX-79
>- Ground combat use Gundam

Not sure on this one, I keep hearing "ground use GM" but I may be wrong.

> Gundam RX-78 GP01 (-FB)
>- ??? (full verenian mobile suit?)

Indeed, Full Vernian/Full Burner, the space configured GP01.

> Gundam RX-78 GP02A
>- Tactical use mobile suit

Need to set the pace of the 0083 story plot.

> Gundam RX-78 GP03S
>- Strategic Space defense unit (Love the way that sounds...)

Need to counter the Neuel Ziel.

> Gebrera Tetra AGX-04
>- ??? (why'd they build this for?)

To have yet another model to sell.

> MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam
>- MS with biosensor & transatmospheric mobile suit?

I believe so. I have Zeta, but its in Japanese without subbing.

> MSZ-010 Double Zeta
>- Same with Zeta (but why does it have seperate components?

To be like the original RX-78, which did have separate components that could
be recombined into different modes when combined with the

> MSZ-011 S Gundam
>- ??? (artificial intelligence ?)

Well, technically, all Mobile Suits are artificially intelligent, but only
the Ifreat, Blue Destiny, and the Sentinels have stories dealing with
self-motivated Mobile Suits, IIRC.

> RX-93 Nu Gundam
>- mobile suit for newtypes

Amuro's armor and steed, needed to joust the knight Char and his steed, the

> F91 Gundam
>- mobile suit with biocomputer (is it supposed to be fast
> moving mobile suit or MS capable of alter images?)

I personally think it was a gimmick that wasn't explained very well, so was
left to be ambiguous for the audience.

> V Gundam
>- variable mobile suit

The V was a return to ZZ style Gundams, but was also smaller and produced in
limited numbers as opposed to being a one of a kind MS.

> V2 Gundam
>- variable mobile suit with minovsky drive

The obvious next step in Gundam evolution.


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