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>Lemme tell you guys about a horrifying experience I had. A cousin of
>mine brought home two kits from a classmate (both completed), a 1/100
>Gundam Leopard and 1/144 Wing Zero Custom. Both kits were SOOOO LOOOSE
>in the joints, and parts kept falling off. By the way, my cousin is 16
>years old, so that certain classmate of his which owned the two kits
>should be at that same age range too. I really felt sorry for the two

Yeah, I've seen that with my cousins and family friends when they
see my collection at home, I tell them that they can only look. NO using
them as aciton figures. The younger ones look at me like I'm a selfish
geek. well, I don't care, as long as my kits end up being poseable and
keeping the pose.

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